News release: Saga I: Prophetic Oleg

It had been long 9 years since the debut work of Russian pagan metal masterpiece called Tverd: «Follow the Sun’s way», that became the classics of Slavic Epic Metal. By this album Band gave a second wide for it seemed to be stiff music style and mixed 3 different directions by adding a symphonies of Russian Classic Musical School of 19th and early 20th century.

And in a year Tverd announced the start of recording the next Creation — Rus’ based on the same name poem of Maslov Ilya (Massel) — the genius poet of our time. This idea had been considered very long time by Vetrodar — the band’s main composer. The poem’s author and Vetrodar (to that time was one of the founder of legendary Pagan Reign) had met in Novgorod the Great in 2006. Ilya Maslov got familiar with the first composer’s acoustic melodies and thoughts. It seemed to be that such creative alliance would be happen that time but... different events including tragic were happened and made some changes.

Nevertheless the band had been developing professionally and ideologically during these years in spite of absence external activity. Nowadays the Tverd feat Pagan Reign launches it’s own audio and video production, that allow to create and work absolutely independently from any conditions and to realize very different and large-scale projects.

And Now Tverd is ready to open the curtain and present this new World. So Rus’: Prophetic Oleg. This is not «pagan-folk metal» or rock opera in it’s ordinary concept. This is feature musical picture based on heroic-romantic lyrics, that reflects real historic events of 9th and 10th century, during the State’s of Kievan Rus’ formation, times of great feats and losses: The Heroes Reign founded the Eastern Slavs’ State Bases. The music reflects these grandiose epic pictures of ancient battles very deeply and accurately, underlines and amplifies senses and experiences of characters, and vocalists demonstrate not just simple magnificent academic and folk singing, but live these events and feelings in real.

The album’s design is worth of separate attention. Russian artist (specialist in Slavic artistry) — Maxim Kuleshov (Ladoga) passes the Ancient Rus’ sense and atmosphere very truly, opening old authentic edges of Russian spirit. His pictures are full of age-old characters and are threaded by historic realism. RUS’. Saga I: Prophetic Oleg / РУСЬ. Сказание I: Вещий Олег

Track list:

01. The Beginning;
02. Testament of Knyaz’ Rurik;
03. The Union of Slavic Tribes;
04. Battle against the Khazar Hordes;
05. The Byzantium campaign I: Over the Sea Waves;
06. The Byzantium campaign II: Russian Shield on the Gates of Constantinople;
07. Hero entered the Celestial Fields;
08. Harbingers of a Dawn

The Rus’ Saga 1: Prophetic Oleg will be published both in digital format and on CD (Jewel Box and exclusive Digi Pack) by YARKO MUSIC Production label. Besides the label will publish Tverd’s name merchandising like t-shirts (2types), stripes and so on.

The official date of the first release is the 30th of May 2017. So while you count out days before it we post the clip for the first composition from the album called Zachin once again and here are the links for downloading it in good quality:

Band camp: