New full-length album by TVERD

New full-length album by TVERD «РУСЬ: Вещий Олег» («RUS’: Prophetic Oleg») is out now on CD in exclusive Digipack!

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RUS’. Saga I: Prophetic Oleg (Pagan Folk Metal Opera).

This is feature musical picture based on heroic-romantic lyrics, that reflects real historic events of 9th and 10th century, during the State’s of Kievan Rus’ formation, times of great feats and losses: The Heroes Reign founded the Eastern Slavs’ State Bases. The music reflects these grandiose epic pictures of ancient battles very deeply and accurately, underlines and amplifies senses and experiences of characters, and vocalists demonstrate not just simple magnificent academic and folk singing, but live these events and feelings in real.

Russian artist (specialist in Slavic artistry) — Maxim Kuleshov (Ladoga) passes the Ancient Rus’ sense and atmosphere very truly, opening old authentic edges of Russian spirit. His pictures are full of age-old characters and are threaded by historic realism.


released May 30, 2017
Music- Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Vetrodar)
Lyrics — Ilya Maslov (Massell)
Studio record:
Alexander GamI — Knyaz’ Prophetic Oleg (tenor);
Pavel Bykov — Knyaz’ Rurik, narrative vocal (baritone);
Alexander Ivanov — narrative vocal (tenor);
Svetlana Lebedeva — folk and academic vocal;
Vetrodar — guitars, bass, acoustic instruments, brass instruments’ samples;
Dimosthen — drums;
Yaravit — psaltery.
Artworks & illustrations by Maxim Kuleshov (Ladoga)
TVERD’s logo by Ervin Max, Andrey Kovardakov, Anna Panphilenko.
There were used acoustic instruments during material’s record:
— Strings: 12-str. guitar, classic 6-str. guitar, mandolin, domras (tenor, alto, prima), psaltery;
— Woodwinds instruments (whistle, uvular): recorder (alto, soprano, piccolo), reeds, whistles, ocarina, orchestra zhaleikas, tver’s horn, accordion;
— Percussion: tambourine, floor drum, xylophone, small bells, triangles.

Recorded June 2016 — April 2017 at:

YARKO MUSIC Records (guitars, bass, acoustic instruments);
MURAVEY Studio (drums, vocals);
DAY Records (vocals);
Engineered by Dmitriy Kuznetsov, Anton Antonov, Evgeniy Vinogradov;
Mixed & Mastered: Dmitriy Kuznetsov (YARKO MUSIC Records).

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